S'acaba de publicar el llibre internacional de GeoGebra

Pathways to Mathematical Understanding Using GeoGebra

Lingguo Bu & Robert Schoen (Eds.)


En este enllaç es pot accedir a l'índex i als dos primers capítols del llibre.

Ací teniu l'índex:


  • Foreword,  vii
    J. Michael Spector
  • Acknowledgements, ix
  • GeoGebra for Model-Centered Learning in Mathematics: An Introduction, 1
    Lingguo Bu and Robert Schoen
  • 1. The Strength of the Community: How GeoGebra can Inspire Technology Integration in Mathematic, 7
    Markus Hohenwarter and Zsolt Lavicza
  • 2. Toward Model-Centered Mathematics Learning and Instruction Using GeoGebra: A Theoretical Framework for Learning Mathematics with Understanding, 13
    Lingguo Bu, J. Michael Spector, and Erhan Selcuk Haciomeroglu
  • 3. Using Dynamic Geometry to Bring the Real World into the Classroom,  41
    Robyn Pierce and Kaye Stacey
  • 4. GeoGebra: From Simulation to Formalization in Teacher Preparation and Inservice Programs, 57
    Maurice Burke and Paul Kennedy
  • 5. Building Simulators with GeoGebra,  73
  • Dani Novak, Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska, and Anthony Di Renzo
  • 6. Influence of GeoGebra on Problem Solving Strategies,  91
    Núria Iranzo and Josep Maria Fortuny
  • 7. GeoGebra as a Conceptual Tool for Modeling Real World Problems, 105
    Nicholas G. Mousoulides
  • 8. Modeling the Cube Using GeoGebra, 119
    José Manuel Arranz, Rafael Losada, José Antonio Mora, Tomas Recio, and Manuel Sada
  • 9. Visualization Through Dynamic GeoGebra Illustrations, 133
    Erhan Selcuk Haciomeroglu
  • 10. Mathematics Attitudes in Computerized Environments: A Proposal Using GeoGebra, 145
    Inés Ma Gómez-Chacón
  • 11. GeoGebra as a Cognitive Tool: Where Cognitive Theories and Technology Meet,  169
    Zekeriya Karadag and Douglas McDougall
  • 12. GeoGebra as a Methodological Resource: Guiding Teachers to Use GeoGebra for the Construction of Mathematical Knowledge,  183
    Eleonora Faggiano and Palmira Ronchi
  • 13. Approaches to Calculus Using GeoGebra, 191
    Chris Little
  • 14. Rebirth of Euclidean Geometry?,  205
    Thomas Lingefjärd
  • 15. The Emerging Role of GeoGebra in the Philippines,  217
    Ma. Louise Antonette N. De las Peñas and Debbie Bautista
  • 16. GeoGebra, Democratic Access, and Sustainability: Realizing the 21st-Century Potential of Dynamic Mathematics for All, 231
    Daniel Jarvis, Markus Hohenwarter, and Zsolt Lavicza
  • Reflections and Conclusions, 243
    Lingguo Bu and Yazan Alghazo


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